Christian Living: Constantly in Trouble

It’s been said of the ideal Christian that he should be completely fearless, continually joyful, and constantly in trouble!

Completely fearless? Yes! Continually joyful? Without question! But constantly in trouble? What are we to make of that?

A basic human trait is the fact that we want to be liked. Let’s face it: we do not like rejection and sometimes will go to great extremes to avoid it. This is especially unfortunate for the Christian whose heart’s desire is to follow in the steps of Jesus.

Jesus was a radical. He proposed standards for behavior that were unacceptable in His day, even rebellious. He dared to challenge the status quo. He was not antagonistic but definitely stood on faith, refusing to accept anything but 100% loyalty to the one true God, His Father in heaven. He was kind when others were vengeful; vengeful where others were kind. He spoke the truth without apology and faced death without flinching.

Most of us cannot begin to measure up to His standard.

How many times do we fail today to speak up when an associate ridicules the meekness of Christ? Or scoffs at the concept of a real and viable hell in which non-believers continue to exist throughout eternity? Do we speak up against sex outside of marriage, co-habitation and indulging in fantasies that are unpleasing to the Lord? Do we speak the truth fearlessly and advocate justice and honesty at the expense of popularity?

Jesus understood better than anyone the cost of reflecting God’s glory throughout His life. During His short ministry on earth, He was hunted, pursued, mocked, tormented and physically abused. One could say He certainly was in constant trouble. In His own words, Jesus “did not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34), and that sword followed him continually.

Completely fearless, continually joyful, and constantly in trouble! A very apt description of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are called to this end as well. Most probably we are not there yet. But walking hand in hand with Jesus, we are bound to arrive soon.

Very soon!

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