Words of Encouragement: Ministry Update

God has called us to love our neighbors as ourselves. He gives example after example in scripture of believers giving aid to those in distress. Undoubtedly we are to follow suit.

This is exactly what a small band of believers halfway around the world are doing with their lives.

When a recent earthquake hit a portion of Thailand and some of her neighbors, Philip and his team rushed to the rescue. At great cost to their own physical comfort and financial resources, they are spending the better part of a month removing debris and demolishing condemned structures, finally rebuilding house after house after house. By hand. No power tools, no professional engineers.

Your dollars have helped with this project of loving-kindness. The Ministry was able to send funds in excess of $7000 to transport a team of 11 to the disaster site and to provide materials for the reconstruction of a village. The Ministry thanks you. Philip and townspeople thank you as well.

Our beloved Timothy and Phoebe are pastors of the church in this village. The Ministry is greatly pleased to help them and the parishioners of the church they pastor. In one sense, we are God’s hands that are bringing relief to the their community. Each of you is a witness of God’s love to a people thousands and thousands of miles away on the other side of the globe.

Philip writes of the team’s working 13-hour days rebuilding the homes that were torn down. The climate there is very hot as their location is about on a parallel with as Mexico City. The men are exhausted from their labor, but continue to give their all to the task God has called them to do.

Faith in the Word of God provides sustenance for all they do. They literally do not know where their next meal is coming from, but they give what they have at this moment to those who have less. It’s difficult in our country to relate to the extent of their struggles and sacrifice. There is much we can learn by witnessing their acts of faith in the face of this latest disaster.

In the words of Philip: “And I, on behalf of my team and ***** village, would like to say ‘Thank You’ very very much for your generosity and supports for this relief work that is accompanied by the sharing of the love and words of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that the compassion, sympathy and love you have turned into action will remain a good example for the glory and honor of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

God’s work is alive and active thanks to your support. We trust you will continue to allow God to work through you.

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