Words of Encouragement: Ten Believers Help a Village Rebuild

On March 24, 2011, an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude on the R-scale hit parts of Thailand and the surrounding area. Because Philip was in Chiang Mai when it hit, he immediately proceeded to one of the villages near the epicenter of the quake and determined that he and his associates could be of help in rebuilding the village that had all but been destroyed.

By April 6, Philip and a team of ten associates returned to the village with financial resources and supplies. For the next 38 days, the team worked twelve hours a day rebuilding six homes and the church. Thanks to the generosity of many here in the States and elsewhere around the globe, the team was able to give financial assistance to each of 24 families ($30 USD each) as well as working side-by-side with village residents to accomplish the initial clean-up and demolition; then the rebuilding of six permanent structures.

Their work in the village is now finished. Team members have returned to their respective homes.

In the words of Philip, “It was a joy for ten people to work together in helping the victims in the repairing and rebuilding of their houses. Each time we look back, there are no regrets and we praise the Lord for the joy we have been rewarded as a result. The relief work we have done has its attachment (sic) that the Love and Word of Jesus Christ was shared… ‘a complete relief work’ as we would call it.” True to his calling, everywhere that Philip goes the Gospel will be preached!

They may be back home now, but the challenge is far from over for Philip and his associates. Just a couple of months ago, their principle donor withdrew his support and tempted a number of teachers away from the Bible school by promising them individual support. It was in the midst of efforts to rebuild the school’s support base that the earthquake hit. In typical selfless demeanor, Philip interrupted his work in raising funds to go to the rescue of the victims of the March 24 earthquake.

The new semester for the Bible school begins June 1. After the students arrive, there will be need for financial support for rice, medical care and emergencies (for students and faculty alike). The school and Philip’s ministry are supported entirely by donations. Your gift would be appreciated. Checks may be written to Word Within International, Inc. and mailed to PO Box 33178, Tulsa, OK 74153.

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