Christian Living: Illuminations

“God-experiences” are life-changing. They increase faith, they help us to see God in a different light, they teach, they explain, they communicate, and much more. Whatever we need at the time, the God-experience will supply. It’s one of the many ways that God communicates with us.

Not everyone has them. And I have to ask “Why?”

Before we get started, let’s agree on what we mean by the term, “God experience.” In short, it’s any life-experience in which the hand of God is visible to us personally. Sometimes these are obviously supernatural, such as in an out-and-out miracle; sometimes they are natural occurrences in our everyday life. That’s exactly why we miss them.

Recently, a granddaughter asked me if I had ever had a “God-experience”. I was hard-put for an answer.

Wow! Have I grown so numb to the goodness of God that I have quit seeing His hand in action? That was my first thought; the second was that I used to have them all the time. What changed?
God didn’t, that’s for sure. He never changes. But I had. I had quit looking.

That’s the key. If we truly want to see a “God-experience,” it helps to be looking for one. I’m not talking about reading into everything that happens something that is not there. I’m talking about simply walking with eyes open and remembering that He didn’t create the world and then abandon it.

He promised, instead, never to leave us or to forsake us.

Look around. What do you see when you’re walking the beach, escaping the problems of the day and praying for relief—when you look down and see a school of fish swimming beside you in the tidal pool? What about when you search and search for something you have lost and when you finally think to pray about it, you find it right in front of your face. These are not coincidences—they are God’s hand at work.

I have had many such experiences in my life. Some were very simple and natural; others bordering on the limb-growing variety!
Jesus tells us in John 14:12 that when He has gone to be with the Father, we will be doing even greater things than He did. And, of course, none of these things are done in our own power, but in the power of Jesus and the One who sent Him. Why then are we surprised to see such things happening in our lives? What should be surprising is not seeing them.

We’ve finally come to the “Why?” It’s simple: it’s because we are not looking. And we are not looking, because we do not expect to see anything. And we do not expect, because we do not believe sufficiently. That makes it a faith issue. And that makes it an important issue.

What do we do to correct the situation? We immerse ourselves in the Word: reading, meditating and studying. We surround ourselves with fellow Christians and saturate our conversations with what He is doing in our lives. We pray continually. Put as simply as possible: we keep our eyes on Jesus.

So enroll in a Bible study, go on a mission trip; volunteer; teach. Become acquainted with God—up close and personal.

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