Missions: Teaching on Parables in Southeast Asia

The end of November, first part of December, Gail and Susan will return to Southeast Asia with their seminar on parable interpretation. This is a repeat of the study that was held last year about the same time in two major cities in the area. This year additional pastors and missionaries will be brought in from the remote areas to a central teaching location.

The general consensus coming out of last year’s seminar was that there were so many more in the country who needed this particular teaching. After learning the simple fundamentals of interpretation that were presented in the instruction, participants expressed a new understanding of difficult parables and were grateful for the freedom from the bondage of their previous method. “It opened up the scriptures for me” was a common reaction.

A fledgling church with an inexperienced pastor (sometimes a relatively new Christian) needs instruction in the Bible. The country has virtually no study aids to help in this area. The aim of Word Within International is to provide these churches with a method of study so that they will be able to study on their own after we are gone.

Because the village churches have no money of their own, the Ministry supplies transportation, lodging and food for the visiting pastors, many of whom must travel long and arduous distances to attend. The more participants we have, the more expensive the cost. But the more effective we can be in advancing the Lord’s work in Southeast Asia.

We have no way of knowing how much longer we will be able to make this trip half-way around the world to present these teachings that are designed to help promote Christianity in the region. If you have been a part of this ministry in the past, we thank you again profusely. We realize that these economic times are rough and understand that some can no longer afford to contribute to our overseas efforts. All we ask is that you prayerfully consider what part God wants you to play in the ministry. If this is your time to participate, you may send your donation to PO Box 33178, Tulsa 74153. Either way, we ask for your prayers for safety, amazing attendance and God’s blessing on the teaching.

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