Bible Study Online: “I Promise…”

The Bible is filled with beautiful promises for those who follow Jesus. Eternal life, or course, is the ultimate but there is no reason to limit ourselves to the joy of just one.

Some of Jesus’ promise seem to contradict reality. For example, read John 8:51. Basically, this verse promises that anyone who “keeps my word… will never see death.” We know that everyone dies physically in the end and that makes this promise appear to defy the physical laws of nature. But since all scripture is “God-breathed” and therefore truth, we know that this verse is truth. We understand it then to refer to our passing from life in the earthly realm into life in the heavenly realm; i.e., eternal life.

Below are references to a limited selection of the more than one hundred promises that Jesus gives in the New Testament. As you look them up, jot down a few notes that will help you remember what He promises to do for you. If any of these appears to contradict reality, record the intent of the message as it relates to you.

Read John 4:13-14. What does Jesus promise?

□ Now compare what you have read here with John 7:37-39. What do you learn about the identify of the living water that Jesus promised in John 4:13-14?

Read John 6:35 and John 12:46. What is Jesus’ promise and what does this mean in your life?

Read John 8:12. What is the promise?

□ Look up the following references and determine what the word “darkness” refers to: 1 Corinthians 4:5; Ephesians 5:8 Colossians 6:12; 1 Thessalonians 5:5

Read John 16:33. What is the promise?

□ What is the warning?

□ Why are we able to take heart?

Read Matthew 6:14. What is the promise?

□ What is the condition that must be met on your part?

Read Matthew 6:33. Record the promise.

□ Read the preceding verses (vv.25-32) and indicate what the phrase “these things” in v.33 is referring to.

This is but a small sampling of the promises of Jesus. As you read scripture during your quiet times, keep paper handy on which you can record the promises as you come across them. Your life will be enriched as you are reminded daily of what He will do for you.

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