Words of Wisdom: I Dare You to Read the Gospel of John!

“I have never read a book written in simpler words than this one, and yet the words are inexpressible.”
—Martin Luther

Martin Luther was speaking of the Gospel of John when he wrote these words. He is also credited with saying that if we should lose all the books of the Bible except two—John and Romans—Christianity could be saved.

Truer words may never have been spoken. The Gospel of John is a special book, with its intimate portrait of Jesus from the perspective of one who loved Him and lived in close proximity with Him, one who ultimately gave his life for Him. John wrote the fourth and last gospel of Jesus, “…that you may know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that knowing, you may have life in His name.” This was his purpose and so he proceeds to lay out a Biblical proof as to the deity of Jesus, through the signs and the witnesses of Jesus, God, John the Baptist and the disciples, as well as the scriptures themselves.

There’s an old story that claims an agnostic was challenged to study the Gospel of John for himself. The challenge was accepted and the agnostic began a detailed analysis of the book, albeit an radically skeptical one. At the conclusion of his time in study, the man is reported to have said, “The one of whom this book tells is either the Savior of the world or He ought to be.”

Mahatma Gandhi, noted political and ideological leader of India during her bid for independence, is reported to have given credit to Jesus of Nazareth as being “the greatest teacher who ever lived.” Yet Gandhi did not advocate Jesus as the Son of God. It would appear that perhaps Gandhi never read the Gospel of John.

How could any intelligent being consider a man who called himself God, who claimed to be one with the heavenly Father and who possessed all the attributes of deity—the man John describes in his gospel—how could anyone accept such a person as a great teacher while at the same time not believing what that man claimed about Himself? Jesus either is who He said He is, or He is a liar. And if He is who He said He is, He is the Son of God and the One who has come as the Savior of the world.

Some of the best-known and most-loved quotes from Scripture are lifted from the pages of John’s Gospel. Some of our deepest theological teachings are found in this book. Our most intimate description of who Jesus is and what He has done are contained within the covers of this book.

Live the abundant life. Receive what Jesus intended for you to have. Read the book of John and enjoy!

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