Ministry: Who We Are and What We Do

Word Within International, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. The primary focus of our ministry is teaching others how to study the Bible by letting Scripture interpret Scripture. Our method is based on an inductive method of study, in which context is “king” and we rely on other parts of the Bible to define and amplify the passage under study.

Sometimes people are intimidated by the use of the term inductive study, but in reality it’s a way of thinking we use each day of our lives as we put together facts to come to a conclusion. Observe and conclude—it’s as easy as that! We call our particular method of inductive study the Easy-to-Learn Inductive Study Method because of its user-friendly format. As we like to say, it just makes a whole lot of sense!

We are currently conducting a Bible study on the Gospel of John using this Easy-to-Learn method that we developed. For details on the class, please contact Word Within International, Inc. at 918-671-3442.

Free Bible study material is available on our website, . We have audio and video lessons on the site, as well as a number of Easy-to-Learn Inductive Bible Study workbooks that can be downloaded to your computer free of charge. Our teaching videos can also be accessed on God Tube and YouTube. Just search for Gail Knox to find the current video on the book of Habakkuk.

Word Within International is also involved with an indigenous ministry in Southeast Asia, where Gail has taught numerous seminars on how to study the Bible. Our students are primarily pastors and evangelists from the remote areas of that country who take the teaching back to their home villages. God led us to partner with this particular ministry with teaching, as well as financial support.

You can read more about the Southeast Asia ministry on Page one of this issue of our newsletter at

Our primary teacher is Gail Knox.

If you are interested in having Gail come to teach or speak at an event, please contact us at 918-671-3442.

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