Words of Encouragement: Pray for Others

Every so often God reveals His work to us in such a way that we just can’t miss it.

It’s not usually with a lot of fanfare or hoopla as one might expect. It can happen during our quiet time or even after we return from a mission trip when our hearts tend to be more in tune with His… at least for a while. What we fail to realize is that the mission trip doesn’t end when we leave the country. God’s work never ends and neither should ours.

What He might bring to mind are the people we met while traveling on the mission trip. The people we sat by on the plane for long hours. Or, the ones who observed us and our actions in the airport while waiting in between flights. The hotel workers, cab drivers, etc., the list goes on and on. What are they seeing? Are we to be on mission for God with all the people we encounter? Yes!

Then sometimes God brings people to mind that you met in a country that had nothing to do with the mission trip. People you have an instant connection with in spite of the language barrier or culture. When this happens God continues to bring them to mind over and over again, especially during prayer time. These are the ones who are lost and need to be constantly prayed for so that they will come to know Christ. They are living in godless countries where Jesus is never spoken of and God in His mercy brings them into our paths so we will pray for them. And, He continues to bring other Christians in their paths, so they will pray for them too. He is offering them His grace as fairly as He does everyone because He loves everyone.

This is missions from God’s perspective. We don’t see it at the time it is happening but when we look back at the people we have met, he puts a burden on our hearts for those He specifically calls us to pray for. Their faces never leave our minds and our hearts become broken for them. No, we never shared the Gospel with them, but someone will. It is God’s mission for us to pray for them and how He brings them to Christ is His work.

Praise God for the times He won’t let us miss out on the work He is doing by reminding us of the people and opportunities He puts in our paths everyday!

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