Evangelism: A Prayer Request

S.K. Lian and wife Barti have been in full-time ministry since 2008. S.K. has a bachelor degree in theology and is currently serving as assistant pastor of a small church in his native land. He and Barti feel called to accomplish God’s mission in a border town just two minutes’ walk from Thailand.

The Thai border is a particularly dangerous place to be at this time, especially for a family with young children. The area is known for its drug trafficking, human trafficking and prostitution.

S.K. and Philip have been friends since early childhood. And now Philip will be saying “goodbye” to his friend—at least for the time being. S.K. and Barti are going to accomplish God’s work in this border town, proclaiming the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. They are currently trying to raise the necessary support in order to move the family to their new location. They need your help in making this goal possible.

Philip is asking for your prayers for S.K. and Barti, that they are successful in raising enough funds for the move. Their plan is to be in their new location by March 15, 2012. Pray also for their safety and especially the safety of their three young children. May God bless them and their efforts to minister to the peoples affected by the immorality of the region. May He equip them with all the skills necessary to make this new mission a successful one for the Lord.

We praise God for the willingness of young couples like S.K. and Barti who are willing to sacrifice so much in order to follow the call of the Lord on their lives.

For more information regarding the plans of S.K. and Barti, contact Word Within International, Inc. at sewoodward@cox.net.

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