Missions: Update on Southeast Asia

Early in February, Philip Van Lal Lian arrived at O’Hare Airport to attend a three-month training program in Elgin, Illinois. He is the guest of Harvest Fellowship Church, who share in the support of his Bible school in Southeast Asia. Recent reports from Philip indicate that he is enjoying our country and learning many useful ideas from the program that he can implement in his leader development training back home. We are very pleased that Philip was offered this opportunity. It is our prayer that we will be able to arrange for a weekend visit for Philip to come to Tulsa and Asbury church.

We were concerned about financial support for Philip’s family while he is away. Normally Philip travels to Bangkok to receive wired funds at a bank in that city. In his absence, there is no one to complete that transaction. We made arrangements to wire money to a brother-in-law in Singapore who will be able to get the money to Philip’s wife Dante. God has been so good to work out the details for all concerned.

Philip tells us that when he gets to Tulsa, we must take him to a Burger King! We’ll certainly do that, but I know we will also grill up a really thick steak for him. He and Dante always have “biff stik” when we take them out to eat in their hometown. We want to acquaint Philip with a good ole Oklahoma steak!

It’s really nice for Gail and Susan that Philip has finally experienced the very lengthy flight from his home to ours. Finally he understands why we require a day’s rest before beginning the teaching. He told us he could hardly walk when he deplaned in Chicago. Interestingly, he didn’t mention having any problem with the twelve-hour time differential. I guess that comes with age!

Please continue to pray for Philip, his family and his ministry. John Lain Be (pictured above) is a vital part of Philip’s ministry and has recently lost financial support for the ten orphans he cares for. Word Within International is currently working on a means by which John can care for his ‘extended family’ of fifteen. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please contact us at sewoodward@cox.net.

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