Christian Living: It’s Never Too Late

All of us are born into sin.  David expresses this thought in Psalm 51:5:  “For I was born a sinner.  Yes, from the moment my mother conceived me.”

Since that fateful day in the Garden of Eden when man chose to sin, all of us have been born into sin.  Once we become a Christian, however, we sometimes tend to forget that.  And sometimes we forget that salvation can come to anyone, no matter how sinful the person may be.

Jesus was on mission to seek and to save the lost.  When He looked at sinners, He loved them and made it clear that none of the sins they had committed could be greater than His grace.  He demonstrated this time and time again while on earth—the adulterous woman, Zaccheus in the tree, the woman at the well, the demon possessed man… the list goes on and on.

Jesus continued to forgive up to the moment of His death.

The thief on the cross beside Jesus was surely born as a sinner.  He even took on the mantle of sinner, choosing a lifestyle of rebellion against God.  He was sentenced to death because he deserved it.  He might have died in rebellion except that something wonderful happened.  Jesus came to save the lost and that mission was never stronger than it was at the cross.  The thief’s heart was changed.

Jesus didn’t consider it too late for this man to be saved, even as he approached the last minutes of his life.  This final act of salvation demonstrates more than any other event in the Bible the depth of love and forgiveness that is ours in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We must not forget that all believers are born into sin and live a life of sin until they experience God’s salvation.  And we need to look at others as Jesus did, even in the last moments of their lives.  Christ’s mission to seek out the lost did not end when He returned to heaven.  It continues through us as we make known to others His grace that is greater than all our sin.

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