Bible Study: “Let Him Who Has Ears Hear”

God has a calling on the life of every believer who professes faith in Jesus Christ. Equally important, every believer that He has called has been equipped to accomplish the task to which he or she is called. We do not always “hear” the calling or recognize the gifts that enable the calling, but they exist nonetheless. It is our responsibility to find them.

□ Read 1 Samuel 3:1-9. Answer the following questions:
Who calls out to Samuel during the night?

Who does Samuel think it is?

What does Samuel do?

What does Eli tell Samuel to do?

How many times does this happen?

What does Eli tell Samuel to do when he finally realizes that it
is the Lord calling out to Samuel?

□ Read 1 Samuel 3:10-15. Answer the following:
What does God tell Samuel?

How does Samuel react to God’s words? Why would he be
afraid to tell Eli what the Lord had said?

□ Read 1 Samuel 3:16-21. Answer the following:
What does Eli say that encourages Samuel to tell him what the
Lord said?

Why do you suppose Eli was so insistent that Samuel tell him

How does Eli respond to what Samuel tells him?

□ At this point in Samuel’s story, what would you say was the calling on his life from God?

□ What happened to Samuel as a result of his obedience to God’s calling?

□ Read Isaiah 6:1-8. Answer the following.
What is happening in this scenario that would prompt Isaiah to
Say what he says in v.5?

How does God choose to handle Isaiah dilemma?

Does God make an obvious call on Isaiah’s life or does He set it
Up for Isaiah to volunteer? Why do you suppose He would do it
In this manner?

Apply what you learn from Samuel and Isaiah to your own life. How will you respond differently in the future when you hear God whisper your name?

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