Evangelism: Southeast Asian Indigenous Missionary

Word Within International hosted a short visit from Van Lal Lian (Philip to us) on March 18. At a luncheon after church on Sunday, members of two communities and Global Outreach were treated to a presentation by Philip on his work in Burma. It was Asbury’s first opportunity to meet this indigenous pastor whose work they support. It was also Philip’s first visit to the United States of America.

Philip’s ministry takes him to the remote regions of his native country where he presents the gospel to people groups who have never heard the Word. Ever since founding the Yangon Grace Fellowship Bible School, Philip has been accompanied on his evangelistic missions by students from the school. In this manner, Philip is praying that he will be able to instill the hunger for evangelism in the hearts of many of the students so that they will continue as evangelists after graduation.

The Sunday presentation gave a glimpse into life in the primitive areas of the country. Most of the people that are contacted by Philip’s group are animists who worship the spirits that they believe are found in all things. God is very active through the efforts of Philip in bringing these lovely people to Him in Jesus Christ. A very important work is taking place in these outlying areas of Burma.

Philip is currently attending a three-month leadership training in Elgin, Illinois. We were fortunate to be able to steal him away for even two days. He will be returning to his family and ministry in Burma on April 24. During Philip’s absence, his wife Dante is attending to the day-to-day problems of maintaining a family of 15, a new baby that was only two weeks old when Philip departed, as well as the student body of Yangon Grace Fellowship Bible School. She would welcome your prayers for wisdom and endurance. Both the school and the family are in need of financial support for their daily needs.

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