Christian Living: Does God Spoil the Fun?

There’s a story about a school boy who was asked what he thought God was like. His answer was short and to the point: “God is the kind of person who is always snooping around to see what you are doing that’s fun, and then trying to stop it.”

Unfortunately, that is how a lot of people—including some Christians—see God. “If it’s enjoyable, it’s bad.” “If it tastes good, it’s fattening!” “If it’s fun, it’s a waste of time.” “Don’t dance, don’t play cards, don’t, don’t. Don’t!” A lot of us were raised on platitudes like these… seeing God as the fun-spoiler, the judgmental parent who wouldn’t let us do what the other kids were doing, the critical heart that saw us as not quite measuring up. Some of us still feel that way.

But in reality, quite the opposite is true of God’s relationship with us.

God sets the standard for Christian behavior, that’s true. If we are born again believers, there are certain rules of behavior we will follow. Not because we have to but because we want to. The rules have nothing to do with spoiling our fun; the rules are there to protect life and preserve relationships. Because we now belong to God we have certain qualities we did not have before: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These qualities equip us to the attain the high level of decency that God expects.

It is often true that when a believer gives up some source of entertainment they enjoyed prior to giving their life to Jesus, he or she discovers that they are having more fun than ever. Laughter has replaced a lot of the grumpiness, the critical heart has been replaced with a forgiving nature, there’s a new camaraderie among believers, and serving others has brought a fresh and new respect for self they never dreamed possible. Life with God is good! There is more joy packed in a single day than is imaginable. Most of all, we aim to please God in all that we do and get huge satisfaction from doing just that.

Most of us probably have not yet reached the ultimate level of morality. What’s important is that day-by-day we are growing closer to God and to achieving that goal. God honors our progress as we make it.

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