Missions: Word Within International Update

Philip Van Lal Lian has returned home after a three-month stay in the United States where he was in training to be affiliated with a religious group headquartered in the States. Philip expresses great gratitude for all that he has learned from them and for the new friends that he has made while in training, but he has made the decision not to affiliate.

Philip has always been committed to witnessing to the 135-plus ethnic groups that are located on the outer limits of his country of Burma. These indigenous peoples are unreached by the gospel and neglected by both the government and the Christian leaders. God has called Philip and his ministry AIM Today to be His messengers to these forgotten peoples, most of whom are practicing animists.
Serving these peoples will remain Philip’s primary focus in the future.

We are interested in helping Philip’s ministry gain additional financial support in the United States for this worthwhile cause. At this point, we are planning on bringing Philip back to the States in the near future and provide him with the opportunity to tell his story to various churches and organizations. If you are a member of a group or community that would like to hear Philip speak on current conditions in Myanmar (formerly Burma), please contact us at (918) 492-0945. He has a great story to tell that touches the hearts of many with both humorous and poignant accounts of his adventures as an evangelist.

Take a look-see at Philip’s work in Myanmar and see God’s hands at work. Join the excitement!

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