Missions: Southeast Asia Indigenous Pastor Visits Tulsa

Word Within International, Inc. is pleased to inform you that Philip Van Lal Lian will be in Tulsa from September 7 through the 20. We are in the process of scheduling appearances with groups, large or small, that are interested in hearing Philip speak about conditions in Myanmar and the work he is doing for Christ in that country. If you know someone who would like to hear Philip speak, please call 918-492-0945 to schedule.

During his stay here, Philip will be visiting with as many people as he can in their homes. If you would like to invite Philip for dinner, an afternoon of visitation and sightseeing, or even an overnight, let us know at 918-492-0945. Philip is a charming guest whose company you are bound to enjoy. It’s a real spirit lifter to associate with someone so in love with Jesus and dedicated to doing the work of the Lord.

Philip reports that the conflict between the Buddhists and the Muslims in the western part of his country is creating much difficulties for one of the pastors that Philip supports. Houses are being burned in the area very close to where John lives with his family and ten orphans. In order to protect everyone he is responsible for, John has been forced to move back to Chin State. We pray that they will be able to return to Rakhine State before long and resume work on their rice paddy to produce for their sustenance. Please keep John and his extended family in your prayers.

The ministry is still in need of additional help in footing the costs of Philip’s trip to America. We also would like to help John out with his additional expenses as a result of his forced move out of his home. If you would like to participate in helping in either of these causes, you may send your donation to PO Box 33178, Tulsa 74153. Word Within International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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1 Response to Missions: Southeast Asia Indigenous Pastor Visits Tulsa

  1. Scott Sholar says:

    Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

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