Bible Study: Are You Disappointed in the Outcome?

Are You Disappointed in the Outcome?

The Word of God is the standard by which we are to live our lives. In the face of any event that happens in our world, we can go to the Word and find answers to the many questions we might have. Then, by walking according to the words that He gives us within the pages of the Bible, we can know that we are in His will and that He hears our prayers.
□ Read Romans 8:28. What truth can we rely on from this passage that applies to us as we relate to the government of our great nation?

□ Read Matthew 22:21. Sometimes we do not see eye-to-eye with our elected officials and God has an answer for us when that happens. According to this verse in Matthew, what are we supposed to do?

□ Read Romans 13:1. Is God talking about an individual leader in the context of Romans 13, or is He referring to the government as a whole?

□ Read Romans 13:2. What does God say is true about the one who does not comply with the authority that God has placed over us?

□ Read Romans 13:3-5. According to these verses, why should the Christian live his life in a godly manner?

□ Re-read Romans 13:5. What is Paul’s final word as to why the believer must submit to the authorities?

□ Read Romans 13:6-7. According to these verses, what attitude do you think believers should have towards the President of the United States?

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