Christian Living: Being a Good Samaritan

Good Samaritans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. That’s because God can use whomever He pleases to come to the aid of someone in trouble. It might be a close friend or a complete stranger. It can be done in an ordinary way or using supernatural powers. All that is quite up to God. “Angel” stories of every kind abound and each is different.

While driving down to Texas, a ninety-year old woman had a tire blow-out. She was stranded in the middle of nowhere with no one to help with changing the tire. After a period of time and many unconcerned motorists passing by, a gentleman finally noticed the woman’s predicament, pulled over and changed the tire for her. There was a day when this would have been a common act of chivalry, but many today would not have taken the chance.

Another friend ran out of gas (also in Texas) on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of the night. The temp was hovering around freezing, the skies crystal clear and the stars at their brightest for the season. No one was around, when suddenly out of nowhere, a man appeared with a can of gasoline. After pouring the contents of the can into the tank, this “angel” disappeared after only a step or two. Throughout the whole event, he never said a word.

Both of these events involved rescuers that were unknown to the persons in distress.
One involved a natural sequence of events and the other. the sudden and mysterious appearance of someone whose disappearance was equally weird.

Personally, I had an encounter once with a good Samaritan that involved someone I did know and which happened in the normal course of the day. Nothing mysterious about it or even extraordinary to the casual observer. Yet to me, it was the direct visit of an angel.

I was teaching a large group in a long skinny room that was ill-equipped for decent acoustics. After the first session, a woman in the group asked me to bring my wireless head mic so I could be heard more easily as I moved about the room. I knew I needed to do this but was concerned about hooking up the mic to the sound system; in fact, I didn’t even know if the mic was still working.

Several years before, God had brought a young man into my life to video-tape some of our classes. I called on him to check out the mic and get it up to snuff, but still worried about hooking it up to the sound system in the classroom. Before I knew it, my friend (who worked late hours and would usually be asleep during the time the class met) offered to set his alarm, get up early and meet me at the church to manage the hook-up. What I never could have done myself was taken care of by someone who was willing to sacrifice his own sleep to help.

My good Samaritan saved the day for me

Each of us has the potential for being that good Samaritan for someone else. It doesn’t have to be something big. Whatever God asks of you will be enough. What are you going to say when He calls on you to help?

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