Christian Living: A Sweet, Sweet Gift From God

Believers have an opportunity to serve God in a way they may never have imagined.

Paul tells us in Romans 12:12a that we should be “devoted to prayer.” This is just one of a long list of instructions he gives the church in Rome on how believers are to live and treat one another. Devoted to prayer—such a simple phrase! But it’s one that begs our utmost attention. It’s also one that needs to be put into practice in a very serious way.

Paul seems to look at prayer as an “opportunity.” What an appropriate way to view it! To have the distinct privilege of coming before the throne of grace on behalf of others, with the complete confidence that God will hear our prayers—this is one of the highest callings we could ever be privy to. In coming to Him in prayer, we are spending time with the Father, considering others instead of Self, in obedience to His commandments, and being fully assured that He will answer anything we ask according to His will.

As we become more and more devoted to prayer we begin to see more and more opportunities to petition for those who are in dire need of immediate intervention from God. As we grow, it becomes automatic to pray in the moment and then to labor in prayer until the burden is overcome.

The Bible is so filled with the more important truths that we sometimes miss out on the less-emphasized ones. But God often uses the small phrases to say more to us than we grab at first notice. Praying for others is a lofty assignment and it is given to all believers. It’s our opportunity to help others, change a circumstance and most importantly to spend time with the Father.

It’s time to ask that all-important question: Whatcha gonna do with one of the most important opportunities you’ll have in a lifetime?!

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