Christian Living: Letting Go, Letting God

I recently lost a bracelet that had been a favorite of mine for more than 15 years. It was a gift from someone I was mentoring way back when. At the time it was given, my friend could not afford to buy herself another bracelet of equal value but, regardless, had chosen to give it to me. Her selfless generosity made the bracelet a special and unique gift.

I wore the bracelet while teaching a few weeks ago, then out to lunch with a friend and afterwards to a department store to do a little browsing.

By the time I reached home, the bracelet was gone. I had no idea at what point in the day the bracelet had fallen from my wrist. There were way too many possibilities for me to retrace my steps in search of it. I had no choice but to let it go.

The loss of anything for me (however large or small) is hugely stressful. My mind keeps trying to figure out where I could possibly have left it. I’ve been known to stew over a loss for years. It’s kind of embarrassing that I would get so attached to worldly things!

When I lost the bracelet I tried to react in a more grown-up manner this time. I decided to let go and let God. Instead of ruing my loss, I prayed for the person who would eventually find it. I asked God to bless that person and let the bracelet be a special gift that would bring joy into her life. I prayed even that it might change her life and bring her closer to Jesus.

Every time I would remember the bracelet, I would stop what I was doing and repeat my little prayer to God.

It was then that an amazing thing happened. In the three weeks or so since my loss, I have ceased to think about the bracelet at all. I am content in the knowledge that it is bringing to another the same pleasure that it used to bring to me. I believe also that the new owner needs the bracelet far more than I do. God is good!

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