Christian Living: After the Storm

I am so proud to be an Oklahoman – if only as a humble transplant from the State of Texas. At least I am here now. And that’s a good thing!

Many of you no doubt spent hours in front of the TV during the days of constant reporting on the tornado that hit Moore, OK, May 20th. Like some of you, I found myself glued to the set. The visuals were mesmerizing, and I had to find out if the children who were trapped in the ruins of their schoolhouse were safe.

For some reason, it even seemed important to hang around to hear whether the tornado would be upgraded to an EF5. As horrifying as it all was, I just couldn’t get enough information. And it taught me a lot about Oklahomans.

During the days following this tragic event, countless survivors praised God on national television, giving Him credit for sparing their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

With them, we mourn the loss of any life at all, but continue to rejoice in the fact that not more were killed. Viewing the extent of the damage, it’s hard to imagine how any could have survived. God’s hand was surely at work.

Neighbors pulled each other out of the ruins and jumped in to help search for anything salvageable. Looting was non-existent. Attitudes were up-beat and survivors were determined to rebuild as soon as possible. Oklahoma courage. Oklahoma strong.

In the words of Rush Limbaugh, “Oklahoma is the backbone of the nation.” Yes, we are! And I’d say we are also Oklahoma Proud. God bless the great people of this state and be with those affected by the Moore tornado.

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