Christian Living: People In Our Lives

Believers know that God is Sovereign.

Our days are numbered according to His will. He has a good and perfect plan for each of us.
This plan includes — among countless other things — the people God has put, and will continues to put, into our lives. He decides who will touch our lives from birth to grave, and even the exact impact they will make on who we are.

Some will have eternal influence, and others merely a passing one. But you can be sure He is the one sending them our way. Looking back and seeing the people we have encountered already, we begin to realize how involved God has been in our lives all along.

The influence these people had — some good, some bad — has significantly shaped the person we are today. It’s truly amazing how God gives man free will, but at the same time surrounds him with those needed to steer him in the right direction.

There is much about God that we don’t understand, and probably never will. But occasionally He reveals Himself in the smallest of ways. Consider your life today and the people that are in it. Look closely and you’re see they are actually gifts from God to bring you joy, or to teach you something no one else can.

God doesn’t place people in our lives at random. It’s all part of an intricate, loving design that is specific to our needs. Our God doesn’t do things by chance but by His sufficient Grace!

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