Ministry Updates: Dedication and Sacrifice

In April of this year, Philip took his family and the full-time teaching staff of Yangon Grace Bible School on a month-long mission trip to the western-most parts of the country.

The journey involved a two-day ride in an overcrowded truck, a two-day boat ride on the river, and 14 hours of walking the narrow mountain paths. When asked why he decided to take his wife and small children on such a treacherous journey, Philip replied, “I wanted my children to see what mission is all about.”

At one point on the return trip, Philip had to drive his truck at night with no brakes!

During a seminar conducted in SAMI Township by four teachers from YGBS – and the subsequent preaching in the evenings – twenty-five people from the indigenous tribe were baptized.

The entire mission effort encompassed eight separate villages in which churches had been planted in previous years. The hardships are many and the sacrifices great when such a mission trip is undertaken.

What an experience for Philip’s wife and children to share with husband and father as he went about accomplishing the work of the heavenly Father. The Apostle Paul preached the gospel at great expense to himself.

Philip seems to spare no cost to self and family as he goes about God’s work. In the comfort of our own homes, with all the luxuries that surround us, we can learn from the dedication and commitment of these devoted servants of the Lord.

Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves what kind of sacrifice we are willing to make in order to extend the gospel to those who have not heard. Like Philip and his family, God has called us as well to take the message to the world, beginning right where we live and in the comfort of our homes.

Are we hearing His call? Are we laying down our lives and picking up the cross to follow Jesus wherever He leads?

In November of this year, Susan and Gail will be returning to Myanmar after a two-year absence. We desperately need your help in funding the trip. Please be in prayer with ears tuned to hear God’s desire for you in this endeavor. Maybe your role is to pray diligently for the success of the mission; perhaps it is to contribute financial assistance.

Whatever it is, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please.

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