Words of Encouragement: Blessings

The Dreamers
by Theodosia Garrison

The gypsies passed her little gate
She stopped her wheel to see
A brown-faced pair who walked the road,
Free as the wind is free;
And suddenly her tidy room
A prison seemed to be.
Her shining plates against the walls,
Her sunlit, sanded floor,
The brass-bound wedding chest that held
Her linen’s snowy store,
The very wheel whose humming died,
Seemed only chains she bore.
She watched the foot-free gypsies pass;
She never knew or guessed
The wistful dream that drew them close
The longing in each breast
Some day to know a home like hers,
Wherein their hearts might rest.

These words from the poet Theodosia Garrison were shared by a dear friend of mine a long time ago.

I’ll always remember the occasion. Because, you see, my friend was lovingly reminding me that I was missing out on the life I had in hand while wishing I had something else. What a shame so many lives are wasted in this same way.

God gives us everything we need for life and happiness, but we sometimes fail to see it. Instead, we wish we had more money, a better education, a nicer house; the list goes on and on.

Paul tells us in Philippians 4:11 that he has learned to be content with whatever he has.

When I consider the condition of life in countries like Myanmar or Moore Oklahoma, I am sorely ashamed of my discontent. Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes we are so much better off than we imagine.

May God give us eyes to see how truly blessed we are.

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