Christian Living: How To Do Something Amazing

One of the few television shows that I enjoy is “So You Think You Can Dance.” I was particularly impressed recently by the performance of a young hip-hop dancer named “Fix-tion” who had no formal dance training at all.

Fix-tion was given a contemporary dance to perform with a partner — both completely new to him. No one expected to see Fix-tion perform adequately in either of these new dimensions. They were sorely mistaken.

Choreographer, judges and audience rose to their feet at the end of Fix-tion and his partner’s routine. The performance was intense, dramatic and technically superb. Far, far beyond anyone’s expectations. Even Fix-tion’s.

It was sheer joy to watch Fix-tion’s reaction to his own personal accomplishment. Amazement radiated on his face. Choked up beyond words. He had done something far beyond what he ever dreamed he could do.

This is how it feels to accomplish a task for the Lord when you are quite sure you do not have the natural ability or the training to do that very thing. But that is what is so incredible about it. God does all the work.

Yes, He expects you to put in your homework, but if He has called you to the task, He will give you whatever you need to get the job done. You’ll amaze yourself. And you will be so excited to know that you have done something really well.

I will never forget the first time He called me to substitute for another teacher. I had never been comfortable before a group of people, and I certainly didn’t consider myself very versed in scripture. But it went well.

God saw to it that I was able to overcome my fear and listen to Him!

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