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Missions: Teaching God’s Plan for Marriage

After a two-year absence, Susan and Gail are committed to another seminar for Philip’s ministry in Myanmar. We are very excited about being reunited with our friends and about bringing them the special teaching we have planned for November. This … Continue reading

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Bible Study: Sunday Worship

There is much debate down through the ages as to whether believers should congregate for communal worship on the seventh day – Saturday – or first day – Sunday. Historical evidence supports the first day Sunday experience, but some believers … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom: There Are False Prophets Among Us

Throughout the history of God’s people, there have been legitimate concerns over the presence of false teachers and false prophets among the Church. Today is no exception. The Apostle John speaks to the issue in his first epistle, in which … Continue reading

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Words of Encouragement: The Promise of Jude 24

In a book filled with dark passages of evil, immorality, false teachers and more, God addresses believers and their call to remain faithful. In other words, no matter how ugly things get in the world, God is always there to … Continue reading

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Christian Living: Are Believers Becoming Numb To Sin?

The nation of Israel was exiled to Babylon for a period of 70 years. At the end of that time, God directed the pagan king Cyrus to order some of the exiles to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. … Continue reading

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Christian Living: How To Do Something Amazing

One of the few television shows that I enjoy is “So You Think You Can Dance.” I was particularly impressed recently by the performance of a young hip-hop dancer named “Fix-tion” who had no formal dance training at all. Fix-tion … Continue reading

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Missions: Why Go to Lands Overseas?

Christians sometimes question why we should go on short-term mission trips to third-world countries after a church has been established there, and we are sending financial support to that particular body of believers. Why not just send the money for … Continue reading

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