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Words of Encouragement: Understanding Worship

During a special time of meditation, God led my thoughts to different “defining moments” in the life of a believer. These moments are those significant events that occur unexpectedly in the course of the day, that end up changing forever … Continue reading

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Christian Living: Letting Go, Letting God

I recently lost a bracelet that had been a favorite of mine for more than 15 years. It was a gift from someone I was mentoring way back when. At the time it was given, my friend could not afford … Continue reading

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Bible Study: Are You Disappointed in the Outcome?

Are You Disappointed in the Outcome? The Word of God is the standard by which we are to live our lives. In the face of any event that happens in our world, we can go to the Word and find … Continue reading

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Inductive Bible Study: John – Why Did John Write the Gospel of John?

In this study, Gail Knox describes the meaning of the book of John. What is the purpose of the book? Why was it written? Discover what John wanted us to see about the Son of God. Subscribe to YouTube Browse … Continue reading

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Missions: Southeast Asia Indigenous Pastor Visits Tulsa

Word Within International, Inc. is pleased to inform you that Philip Van Lal Lian will be in Tulsa from September 7 through the 20. We are in the process of scheduling appearances with groups, large or small, that are interested … Continue reading

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John Bible Study: Week 2, Part 4

Gail Knox teaching John. Fourth part in the series. Enjoy!

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John Bible Study: Week 2, Part 3

We’re studying the book of John. Enjoy the third video in the series!

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Illuminations: Give Unto God by Giving Unto Others

Walking down the narrow street that leads from the internet café back to the Paradise Hotel in Taung Gi township, I pull up abruptly in front of one of the iron gates that line the sidewalk. Twisted among the bars … Continue reading

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Words of Encouragement: Ten Believers Help a Village Rebuild

On March 24, 2011, an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude on the R-scale hit parts of Thailand and the surrounding area. Because Philip was in Chiang Mai when it hit, he immediately proceeded to one of the villages near the epicenter … Continue reading

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Christian Living: Do You Look at the Inside or the Outside?

God uses the everyday occurrences in life to teach us how He wants believers to live. Sometimes the lessons are more painful than at others. Have you ever judged another by the color of his or her skin? Or by … Continue reading

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